Logo Design for JSB Builders Inc.

Logo development for JSB Builders Inc. In their brief they asked for a clean and modern concept to match the work they do in the commercial business and technology building sector.

Logo Design for Levant Blanc

Logo creation for Levant Blanc.

The Levant is the trade wind used by the very first sailors and merchants. When the winds brought good weather and opportunity it was known as the “Levant Blanc”.

Levant Blanc is a Los Angeles, California based visual content creation company that elegantly captures humanity at its most authentic.


Digital Ad Creative for Valentine’s Day

Create digital ad creative for Roger’s Gardens’ Valentine’s Day digital advertising campaign. Photographed content, laid out design and typography according to the digital advertising specs.

Advertisements were used to target audiences on Facebook and Instagram for local, high-end flower delivery.

Album Cover for Dawn of Jayne

Mixed Media Collage artwork for Stagnation by Dawn of Jayne, released in September of 2018.

Dawn of Jayne is a one woman folk singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California.

Dawn of Jayne