Logo Design & Identity for Pobal Construction

Created a logo and brand identity for Pobal Construction.

Pobal Construction is a fine residential builder with a renowned reputation of honesty to all clients and colleagues. Their goal is to bring the client’s and architect’s vision to life, and deliver an enjoyable overall experience. This is executed with meticulous attention in the field as well as flawless coordination and planning. Pobal Constructions cohesive team enables us to continuously deliver customer satisfaction, which has led to many repeat clients, lasting relationships, and glowing referrals. Serving Southern California.

Packaging Design for Roger’s Gardens Organics

Used Creative Director’s guidelines to create new and improved package design for “Roger’s Gardens Organics” Potting Soil and Planting Mix.

Worked closely with packaging and soil manufacture to see that all Organic and OMRI regulations were accurate on the finished product design.

Menu Design for Farmhouse

Worked closely with Owner Chef Rich Mead to concept and design lunch, dinner and cocktail menus for Farmhouse.

Farmhouse is a farm-to-fork restaurant located in Corona del Mar, California. Their mission is to support local artisanal and boutique producers who are conscious of what goes into their products and how they are produced.


Logo Design for the California Friendly Garden Contest

Created a logo for the 10th Annual California Friendly Garden Contest.

The California Friendly Garden Contest celebrates beautiful gardens that “fit” the Southern California climate and enhance the environment, by minimizing impacts on our natural resources and maximizes natural benefits. These gardens use water thoughtfully, support wildlife, pollinators, birds, insects and butterflies, with opportunities for food, cover and nesting. They sequesters carbon and cool the environment. They don’t pollute the environment with pesticides, water runoff, excessive green waste or by introducing invasive plants. They use minimal amounts of additional nutrition, or time and energy. In return, a California Friendly garden creates biodiversity and works together with other California Friendly gardens to enhance the quality of our natural environment.

Logo Design & Identity for Global Aircraft Consulting Inc.

Created a logo and brand identity for Global Aircraft Consulting Inc.

Headquartered in San Diego, Global Aviation Consulting employs flight crew and support personnel to operate aircrafts provided to clients. They provide a myriad of services, such as aircraft sales and purchases, charter and cargo flights, aircraft delivery and repossession, aviation consulting, and aircraft management. 

Logo Design & Identity for Rye Goods

Created a logo and brand identity for The Rye Truck & Goods.

Rye Goods makes 100% organic, naturally-leavened bread and pastries, built off of an all rye wild culture only using three ingredients: freshly milled California heritage grains; water; and salt. The grain is always given ample hydration and a 30-hour fermentation, giving it its distinctive flavor, texture, and making it easily digestible. 

Rye Goods has since sold their truck and is opening a permanent bakery and restaurant in Summer of 2019, located in Newport Beach, California.

Digital Collage

Passion projects created when inspiration struck. Use Photoshop to digitally stitch together creative images.

Botanical Collage

Conceptualized and curated plant material for collage. Photographed collage and completed post production before framing art piece.