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Social Media Management for Roger’s Gardens

Roger's Gardens Social Media Management | Aimee Armstrong

Modern Luxury’s Passport to Luxury + Chef’s Challenge Event

Modern Luxury's Passport to Luxury + Chef's Challenge Event | Aimee Armstrong

Logo Design for JSB Builders Inc.

JSB Builders Inc. | Aimee Armstrong

Logo Design & Identity for Mariana Perez-Seda Event Production

Mariana Perez Seda Event Production | Aimee Armstrong

Website Design Mock Ups for Pure Colonics

Pure Colonics NYC | Aimee Armstrong

Rebranding for Western Pump Inc.

Western Pump Branding | Aimee Armstrong

Logo Design for Levant Blanc

Levant Blanc Logo Aimee Armstrong

Farmhouse Spring Dishes

Line Card Design for Core 3 Technologies

Farmhouse Cocktails

Spring Open House Creative for Roger’s Gardens

Digital Ad Creative for Valentine’s Day

Logo Design & Identity for Heart & Frond

Logo Design & Identity for FloodQuote

Album Cover for Dawn of Jayne

Botanical Collage

Wedding Invitation Suite

Logo Design & Identity for Ohana Garden Design

Print Magazine Advertising for Roger’s Gardens

British Virigin Islands Film Series

Puerto Rico Film Photography

Dover Shores Landscape Photography

Christiansen Landscape Photography

Logo Design & Identity for Pobal Construction

All Star Health Apparel Design

Franklin Landscape Photography

Logo Design & Identity for Global Aircraft Consulting Inc.

Packaging Design for Roger’s Gardens Organics

Menu Design for Farmhouse

Casa Pacifica Wedding Photography

Spring Celebration Photography

Logo Design for the California Friendly Garden Contest

Food & Beverage Photography

Newport Beach Country Club Photography

Logo Design & Identity for Rye Goods

Modern Luxury Weddings

Roger’s Garden Annual Christmas Boutique Photography

Floral Product Photography

Outdoor Living Lifestyle Product Photography

Italy Film Photography

Branding for Kingsview

Digital Collage

Black & White Photography